The Birth: Brownmantrip’s Beginnings

I was sitting in my workstation just looking at the monitor with a picture from a recent trip overseas. It was a lot of firsts for me so it just made me kept on dreaming of what had been.

It was my first airplane ride was on 2006 in a Philippine Airline 747 during a long  haul flight from Manila to Los Angeles, I saw the places that I have only seen on pictures. It was a traumatically positive  experience.

The experience and the feeling was too hard to let go it was haunting me and was constantly putting me into a hypnotic day dreaming state. I just had to snap out of it.

The dreams are actually turning like a nightmare, the experience kept on playing inside my head and it felt like I want it again so bad. No that is not good. I had to constantly remind my self that I am back at my real own world and far from the conveniences and luxury that the first world offers. I need to find a way to get out.

I was starting to think that I need therapy, but where would you find that in Manila? And not to mention how much was it going to cost.

Like a movie,while watching a tech show on TV I realized how I could flush these emotions out of my system, by writing about it, through blogging.

Blogging was just starting out to pick up in the Philippines back then(I think) and I figured out that if I could write about my thoughts I could finally stop the movie in my mind.  Hence, my first blog was born Dreams of a Brownman.

My first blog was my friend who would tirelessly listen to my every whims and qualms and shout to the world in times of victory. He is a really good friend to be with.

Later on I was introduced to Multiply which was like a cross between blogger and friendster (well facebook wasn’t popular that time) it had cross posting features which was great because multiply really didn’t do great on the blogging part, so it made sure that all of my posts in Multiply has a copy in my first blog.

I blogged about my everyday life and special events and went on like that for a couple of years until a life changing event happened. Thank God that I already knew about blogging, I know where to flush out my negative energy.

After that life changing event I started traveling near or far it didn’t matter but I seem to withdraw from writing it. I just wanted to keep it to my self. keep quite. private.

Since I travel a lot, I research a lot about my trips. I read travel blogs and became interested in joining this group whose badges are always present on the sites that I read. I wanted to join and start chronicling my trips, so I followed the links that took me to the group’s page in facebook. I sent an email asking to be admitted and on March 2011 I was approved.

To be honest I wasn’t sure who added me up, so this is just a wild guess. I think it was Melo of Out of Town Blog who added me up since he was the first one that I could remember that I added to my facebook who I later on learned is also part of the group. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the group Pinoy Travel Bloggers and Melo for letting me part of it.

My blog started to take shape and direction and most of my posts were travel related. Thanks to my new found friends who influenced me to travel more.

Soon enough I was contemplating whether to put up a separate blog for my travels instead of putting in with my everyday life blog.  While thinking about doing a separate blog, I read somewhere that in most cases blogs should concentrate on a certain topic like lifestyle, entertainment or something else to get the proper audience as people who visit the site may get confused on what the real goal of the site is. Then it hit me, I bought a domain and a cheap hosting plan to start everything up and with help from really nice people specially Doi of  The Traveling Feet I was able to set up every thing and on November 27, 2011 was born.

It has been like two days since I wrote the last sentence of this post as I think about how I should end it. I guess it would be hard for me to actually come up with one, because the end of this novel marks the beginning of a new story. My Travel stories.

This is my contribution to the “”The Journey That Made Us a Travel Blogger” Blog Carnival hosted by dmar Gu-Quibb of Edmaration for the Pinoy Travel Bloggers.

You can read the past topics by clicking the Blog Carnival logo
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ian dela pena

iandelapena, the person behind the blog brownmantrips is a yuppie living in the metropolis who believes there is always something good to see everywhere in the world. This is his depository of travel memories for his not so good and maybe soon to fail memory, thus the travelogues in this blog.